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DMA™ 35 Ex

DMA™ 35 Ex is a portable density and concentration meter you...

DMA 35 Ex
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DMA™ 35 Standard Version

DMA™ 35 is a portable density and concentration meter...

DMA™ 35 Standard Version
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Article Number: 172244_us

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DMA™ 35 Tag & Log

DMA™ 35 Tag & Log is a portable density and concentration...

DMA 35 Tag & Log
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Article Number: 87448_us

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EasyDens is a density and extract meter for homebrewers. After you...


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Portable Density Meter

When using a portable density and concentration meter for your quality checks, there is no need to transport the sample to the lab, and you can instead do an immediate quick measurement directly on-site. Only 2 mL of sample are required for a measurement, performed based on the oscillating U-tube technology. Replacing traditional methods like glass hydrometers, the digital instrument additionally saves time and efforts and enables perfect traceability and documentation by storing and exporting results including the sample name and time stamp at the push of a button. Due to the automatic temperature correction, manual calculations or corrections via a table are things of the past. Intrinsically safe product versions protect the user and company properties when performing measurements in explosive atmospheres.

Let the portable density meters from Anton Paar save you the way to the lab – by doing quick quality checks directly in the field!

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