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MKT 10

MKT 10 is a lightweight and easily portable handheld Millikelvin...

MKT 10
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MKT 50

MKT 50 is a portable Millikelvin Thermometer which measures...

MKT 50
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Article Number: 26878

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In combination with two highly precise Platinium Resistance Thermometers your MKT 50 Millikelvin Thermometer measures the temperature to the highest level of accuracy. It has a resolution of 0.0001 ॰C (0.1 mK). The measuring uncertainty over the whole measuring range is 0.001 ॰C (= 1 mK).

Temperature calculation according to conventional methods is easy with MKT 50.  The Thermometers are characterized by high stability and easy adjustment as well as modern interfaces such as LAN connection (Ethernet), serial interface RS-232 and mains adapter battery operation.

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