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DMA 35 Ampere

Part No.: 226130

DMA 35 Ampere is a portable density meter for measuring the specific gravity of battery acids.


Please note: The device language is set to English by default.

ISO 17025 density calibration

Factory calibration:

Every instrument that leaves Anton Paar’s production centers is factory calibrated.

ISO 17025 calibration:

A calibration according to ISO 17025 is traceable to international SI units and serves as a reliable and internationally recognized reference during audits. Various density standards with different density levels (from 0.690 g/cm³ to 1.550 g/cm³) are available for ISO 17025 calibration.

Examples for appropriate density standards are:

  • Organic samples: 2,2,4-trimethylpentane, dodecane and lube oil
  • Beverages: Water, seawater
  • High viscosity samples: Lube oil
  • High density samples: Sodium bromide in water and caesium chloride
  • High temperature samples: Dodecane, lube oil, water and seawater.

We will print your provided shipping address on the calibration certificate. If you want to have a different address printed on the certificate please get in touch with us under right after placing your order.

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